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Don Diva Magazine Issue 53 on Newsstands March 10, 2014

Don Diva Magazine Issue 53

Jay Z’s Wayne Perry Flow: Wayne Perry – The Gangster Behind the Lyrics
Art Williams - Master Counterfeiter
Doctor Oxy – Hustling Pain Pills 
August Alsina - Survival of the Fittest
How to Delete Your Hoe-ness
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Jay Electronica Rants on Twitter About George Zimmerman, Social Media, and the FDA

Apr 06, 14 Jay Electronica Rants on Twitter About George Zimmerman, Social Media, and the FDA

Jay Electronica’s Twitter feed exploded this week. The rapper behind the 15-minute “Eternal Sunshine: The Pledge” flow has never been short on words, and on Friday he took aim at the music industry, social media, George Zimmerman, the FDA, fake thugs, wack rappers, and just about everyone in between, and fired.

Here’s what it looked like:


Jay Electronica is serious.

He included a vague call to violence. Revolutions (like, the real ones) don’t begin on Twitter, yet, but a lot of the 93 replies were on his side.

Jay was on a good one.

Basically, we should all unplug, we should all eat organic, we should fight the police instead of each other. It’s all starting to come into focus: Jay Electronica is a hippie, through and through. There’s nothing wrong with that. We just think he might’ve made a bigger splash by putting these ideas into a song. He’s been featured a couple times recently, and there have been plenty of bootlegs and leaks, but we haven’t heard a real Jay Electronica single drop since 2009.

Is this a sign that something new is on its way? We can only hope.


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Staten Island Wilin’: Crazy Headlines from the Island

Mar 28, 14 Staten Island Wilin’: Crazy Headlines from the Island

Get your sh*t together, Staten Island.

Weird things are happening on Staten Island. Perhaps the underreported borough is intent on making a bigger name for itself; maybe there’s something wrong with the water. Whatever the reason, bizarre headlines have been popping up from all over the other side of the Verrazano Bridge in the last month- the likes of which we’d normally expect to see from somewhere like Florida. To celebrate the strangeness, we proudly present the first edition of “Staten Island Wilin’.” Just don’t get any ideas.

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Wu-Tang Recorded a New Album and Will Sell Only One Copy

Mar 27, 14 Wu-Tang Recorded a New Album and Will Sell Only One Copy

Wu-Tang Clan has recorded a new album in secret. Right now, it sits in a vault at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, in a fringe region of Marrakech in Morocco, Forbes reports. When we say “it,” we mean the single copy of the record that exists. Wu-Tang contracted British-Moroccan artist Yahya to craft the album’s ornate case over a three month period. They will sell exactly one copy of The Wu- Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Why would a group do this? Early estimates place the price tag deep, deep in the millions, according to The Verge.

In a recent Forbes interview, RZA explained it this way:

“The idea that music is art has been something we advocated for years. And yet, it doesn’t receive the same treatment as art in the sense of the value of what it is, especially nowadays when it’s been devalued and diminished to almost the point that it has to be given away for free.”

This might be the most brilliant move in the music industry since streaming. It’s smarter than that, even. This singular, physical copy will most likely surpass the net profit of their last effort, 8 Diagrams, by far. It charted only in Switzerland, 5 weeks after its release. This new Wu-Tang album could change the way we think about album sales forever. Also, just look at this thing. It’s cool as hell, right?


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Jay Z ft. Jay Electronica, We Made It Remix

Mar 26, 14 Jay Z ft. Jay Electronica,  We Made It Remix


“Apologies go out to all of my fans, ‘cause they waited so patiently” said Roc Nation artist Jay Electronica, during the remix of popular Soulja boy song “We Made it” on which he is featured alongside rap great, Jay Z. This track marks the third recent release for New Orleans native Jay Electronica but is the first collaboration between the two since 2011′s Shiny suit theory.

While Electronica used his opening verse to entice listeners with a lyrical blend of self motivation and references to ancient mysticism, it seemed to many that Jay Z used his portion of the song to send a larger message to a smaller audience. For many this remix can be seen as a re-introduction for Electronica who has been on a musical hiatus, but some argue that Jay’s verse is targeted towards Drake.

The YMCMB artist released his own remake of the Eastbound and Down track in December and Hov’s lyrics from this most recent remix seem to respond to statements made by Drizzy in a recent interview.

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Burgers in Paris | Kanye West To Give Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King Franchises

Mar 26, 14 Burgers in Paris | Kanye West To Give Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King Franchises

In what’s being heralded as nothing short of a King Size dowry, Kanye is set to give Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King franchises for their wedding, MSN reports. In a list of mythic empires, including a penniless “creative agency,” fashion lines, and a deep roster of production credits, Kanye has already begun to build out the “fast food franchise” category. Yep, he purchased 10 Fatburger franchise locations in 2010, though many of these restaurants have since closed their doors. ‘Ye even has a name for his business venture, KW Foods, LLC. And now, he’s set to give Kim K. a slice of big burger capital to inaugurate the most famous wedding ever, ever. The Burger King locations will be sprinkled across Europe, so don’t worry- it’s cool and not trashy.

It all makes sense in a very Kanye way. Sure, the chain of burger joints are an investment that will probably produce in good times and in bad, but, more importantly, Burger King stands for something decidedly American- it’s a fast food analog for American pop culture. Kanye’s making moves that situate him and Kim permanently as America’s darlings. For this end, following a Vogue cover with a fleet of Burger Kings might be the perfect meal ticket. It’s pop art, really- akin to Andy Warhol Campbell’s soup can paintings. Publicity stunt or not, this wedding gift is just another avenue for Kanye to be Kanye. And a quick review of the Bound 2 music video reminds us that Kanye’s already been serving up American symbols in bulk lately- with extra cheese.


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#FreeBreezy Playlist

Mar 25, 14 #FreeBreezy Playlist

I want to resist my urge to pen an open letter to Chris Brown, so I will… for now.

In the meantime, however, Kid Ink ft. Breezy “Show Me” played on my iPod today sending me on a trip down memory lane through my countless collection of Breezy hits.

While his true family, friends, and fans await his return home with a clear head (God-Willing) and an open invitation to return to his throne as the Prince of Pop and one of the greatest entertainers of this generation, we must keep the Team Breezy movement rocking, literally. Here are 25 randomly selected Breezy bangers from my personal CB playlist of over 100 songs, simply titled “Christopher.”

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