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Wearable Camera: Narrative Clip 2

Have you ever seen something photo worthy but were unable to capture it? How many times has a dead battery, or your phone simply being out of reach prevented you from snapping the highlights of your d ...

Police Officer Charged With Spreading HIV For Seven Years

These days, when you engage in unprotected sex with someone, you are literally taking your life into your own hands. There are a number of STD’s out there and not everybody is aware of their sta ...

Marissa Alexander To Be Released

The case of George Zimmerman and his killing of Trayvon Martin shed light of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws. Also in Florida, the case of Marissa Alexander brought more attention ...

Pregnant Women Sentenced To Jail

Last year Tennessee became the first state to make doing drugs while pregnant a crime. Obama’s czar, drug addiction counselors, and doctors do not believe threatening pregnant women with impriso ...

Trusted Travelers Used As Drug Mules?

Trusted travelers are now being used as drug mules. Drug mules are defined as people who transport drugs across international borders. These travelers were granted the “trusted” status by the U.S ...

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