S.P.M: Mami Long Legs!


Left over photo from recap interview. How could I not post it? It’s too sticky!




A Spyda Quickie

May 08, 13 A Spyda Quickie

It’s been a while since we last spoke to the wonderful Spyda, one half of the Spyda and Magcic pole duo dream team based out of NY! So I sent here a recap email so she could fill us in on the madness that has been going on since the issue was published. Check her out on instagram @sospyda and please, don’t harass her! It’s only entertainment!

Ily: How has business changed for you after doing the interview with DonDiva? Have you seen a new wave of people interested in working with you?
Spyda: Well after working with don diva i got a wave of emails thats for sure,and alot of different photographers have been hitting me up

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How Many Is Too Many?

That’s the worlds oldest question. How many people is too many people to have had sex with? 3? 15? 70? How much is too much for a man? How many will make a woman a whore? These questions are normally answered with a bias attitude. Does it really matter? What do the numbers of your past say about you. Do they explain your loyalty? Your moral values?  read more

Charlie’s Angels: Reloaded

Jul 11, 12 Charlie’s Angels: Reloaded

The modern day sex symbols that make up whats known as Tazs Angels ( @Tazsangels) are causing a serious erection in all those who lay eyes upon them. Their exclusive clothing line ‘Caviar Blaque” can be found strapped to some of the sexist ass you’ll ever see. One juicy ass recently spotted rocking an original piece was Hampton, Virginias’ beauty Amazing Amie ( @amazinamie ). The dress hugged her curves as if it was custom fitted.  read more

Sticky Page’s Britney Love

Nov 17, 11 Sticky Page’s Britney Love


Nov 07, 11 Sanah

Miss Diva

Nov 07, 11 Miss Diva


Nov 05, 11 Kitty….Purrrrr!