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-Are you A felon in possession- your gun could get you an automatic 5 year bid
-Cell phones in jail- cops can find them
-Understand Conspiracy Law before you run your mouth
-5 Essential Things you should know about your criminal case- Expert Interview
-Weed Guidelines- if you smoke weed you should know how much time you can get
-Death B4 Dishonor- The countries most notorious Gangsters stand up
*Guy Fisher
*Carlos Ortiz
*Tony Lewis
*Wayne Perry
*Luke Jones
*Louis Griffin
*Walter Tut Johnson
*Darnel Jones
*Aaron Jones, JBM
*Bob Lemon
*George “Boy George” Rivera
*Larry Chambers
*Erick Bozeman
*Wayne “Akbar” Pray
*Peter Shue
*John Cuff
*Kenneth Supreme Mcgriff
*Gerald “prince” Miller
*Tommy “Tony Montana” Mickens
*Peter “Pistol Pete” Rollack
*Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory
-Ladies, manage your pussy right
-Hold Down your man
-How to eat coochie
-How to give good head
-What type of hoe are you
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