Single Women Rather Date Men Who Are Taken!

No wonder so many women are complaining men disrespect them. We disrespect ourselves!  A study has concluded what men have known for centuries; single women would rather go after men who are already in a relationship then single men. Apparently we get a kick out of being a man stealer.

According to a study done by Oklahoma State University, a woman feels powerful and “worthy” if she can lure a man away from hisDon Diva Mag Single Women are after your Man current partner. That’s all cute when you are fifteen, but as a grown woman it’s trifling. And it’s one of the biggest reasons men get away with treating us like we are disposable.  If you are over 25 and still messing around with men who are already taken you need to work on your self esteem.

The study went further to say that some single women may try to lure a man away from his current partner because the fact that he is in a relationship proves that he has the ability to commit and he has already been broken in. (Oh really? If he leaves her for you, then how committed was he really?)

All this is not news to men. Most men know their stock goes up when they have a woman.  A man with serious game keeps his main chick laced just to get himself “extra” coochie. His woman looking good and being well taken care of, doesn’t deter the next chick, it makes her work harder to get with this “unavailable” man. A man with serious game also knows that if he tells a chick he has a woman and he isn’t leaving her, the chick will bring her “A” sex game thinking that it will “convince” him to leave his woman.

What happens next is so predictable… The main chick suspects the dude is cheating and learns some new sex tricks and steps up her sex game, maybe even starts letting him get some ass (anal sex) on a regular- while the side chick is sexing dudes brains out; she may even bring a few of her friends to the party (threesomes- learn how to plan one) all in an effort to try to get him to leave his real woman… The dude is knee deep in coochie and loving it. The Wifey ends up with a heartache and a sore ass. The jump off gets a yeast infection and probably her assed kicked when wifey catches up with her (which she deserves.) Or worse they end up with a “Lil Wayne” family.

But at the end of the day both women look stupid and the man gets his cake and eats it too. And real talk, he’s not to blame, it’s us as women who have no self respect or self esteem.

As long as there are women who are willing to play 2nd or accept ‘situationships’ then men will continue to play us and we will continue to look stupid and even worse be heartbroken.


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    • rena
      October 20, 2010

      I hate it all! Women these days make me want to throw a fit!! The fucking nerve of these chicks. I always keep my eye open. Luckily we follow strict rules regarding the opposite sex in my relationship, and to my women – don’t be afraid to go there!! Oh yes. When you establish that you and your boo are a COUPLE, you make a firm rule about no friends of the opposite sex. I’m telling you. By you keeping up your end of that bargain, nobody can call foul. You don’t need other dudes to be friends with, and he don’t need other chicks. Club night with the boys is okay. He’s coming home to you, so whatever. That way there’s still freedom but no side-ass. Fuck sluts! We will stand up against ya’ll hoes.

    • jen
      March 24, 2010

      this is so true.. not to mention when your man introduce the other woman as a friend that thinks you all can be friends..and at the same time she and her friends are trying to sleep with your man

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