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Twitter unearths your first tweet

Mar 22, 14 Twitter unearths your first tweet

Unless you have a photographic memory or just joined Twitter last week, you probably don’t recall your first tweet.

That’s OK. Twitter would like to show it to you.

To commemorate Friday’s eighth anniversary of the first Twitter message, Twitter has introduced a tool that lets users relive their Twitter debuts. Type your Twitter handle into the search field and it spits out your first-ever tweet in its full, date-stamped glory — typos, clever witticisms, clumsy hashtags and all.

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This is a holdup. Give me a dollar!

Mar 22, 14 This is a holdup. Give me a dollar!

A man allegedly robbed a bank for $1 and then waited there for  police to arrest him.

Deputies said he did so as a way to go back to jail to receive free medical care.

“This is a holdup. Give me a dollar,” the man wrote on a note that he handed to a teller at a Bank of America in Southeast Portland.

The 50-year-old man entered the bank branch demanded the buck, received it and then went and had a seat in the lobby

The man, identified as Tim Alsip, was granted his wish: He was booked in the Clackamas County Jail on suspicion of robbery charges.

It was not clear what Alsip’s medical needs were.

Rapper executed for murder of studio owner

Mar 22, 14 Rapper executed for murder of studio owner

Ray Jasper was put to death March 19, 2014  for the 1998 murder of David Alejandro

An aspiring rapper, Jasper was 18 when he slit the throat of 33-year-old San Antonio recording studio owner David Alejandro during a 1998 robbery.

According to court records, Jasper and his friends frequently used Alejandro’s studio to record their music. In November 1998, Jasper hatched a plan to steal the electronic equipment from the studio and sell it.

Prosecutors said that Jasper knew Alejandro would be able to identify him as the culprit, so he and two friends went to the studio on November 28, 1998 with the intent to kill him to ensure there would be no witnesses to the theft.

Jasper and his accomplices spent about two hours recording music for his rap group, True Players Livin Sick, that day with Alejandro’s help before Jasper grabbed the studio owner’s hair, pulled his head back and slashed his throat with a kitchen knife. Alejandro was then stabbed more than two dozen times.

Jasper covered the body with a sheet and he and his friends then began loading the heavy studio equipment into their vans. They were spotted by an off-duty police officer and Jasper fled the scene on foot. read more

The school-to-prison pipeline

Mar 22, 14 The school-to-prison pipeline

The ACLU is committed to challenging the “school to prison pipeline,” a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Many of these children have learning disabilities or histories of poverty, abuse or neglect, and would benefit from additional educational and counseling services. Instead, they are isolated, punished and pushed out. “Zero-tolerance” policies criminalize minor infractions of school rules, while cops in school lead to students being criminalized for behavior that should be handled inside the school. Students of color are especially vulnerable to push-out trends and the discriminatory application of discipline.

The ACLU believes that children should be educated, not incarcerated. We are working to challenge numerous policies and practices within public school systems and the juvenile justice system that contribute to the school to prison pipeline.

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Over a thousand counterfeit $100 bills seized at JFK Airport

 – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at JFK Airport seized over a thousand counterfeit $100 bills after a random baggage examination last month. 

On February 21st, officers selected 21-year Marlon Williams Rodriguez Ezeta, who was returning from Lima, Peru’s checked suitcase.

When officers examined Rodriguez Ezeta’s suitcase, they removed a cardboard diary box. The inside cover was sliced open, and revealed what appeared to be counterfeit U.S. $100 bills. In total, $121,300 in counterfeit U.S. currency was concealed among one diary box, two wallets, one fabric box and two cloth shoe racks.

Rodriguez Ezeta was then arrested, and the counterfeit money was seized and turned over to the Secret Service for further investigation.

Read about Master Counterfeiter Art Williams in Don Diva Magazine Issue 53

ScHool Boy Q’s ‘Oxymoron’ makes him Top Dawg

Mar 17, 14 ScHool Boy Q’s ‘Oxymoron’ makes him Top Dawg

Oxymoron, the latest album by ScHoolboy Q topped the Billboard 200 the week of it’s release February 25 and sold 139,000 copies by March 2.

With fellow Top Dawg Entertainment artist Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 release “Good kid, m.A.A.D city” only ranking as high as number two, Oxymoron became the most successful album for Top Dawg Entertainment and Schoolboy Q alike after nabbing the number one spot on the Billboard 200 that week.

Having released “Setbacks” in 2011 and “Habits & Contradictions” in 2012, this recent album will be ScHoolboy Q’s third, but is a first within a  joint-venture deal between the Top Dawg Entertainment artist and Interscope Records.

The fifteen track album boasts collaborations with Wu-Tang legend Raekwon, 2Chainz, Tyler the Creator, Kurupt and fellow TDE artists, Kendrick Lamar and SZA. With tracks such as “Los Awesome” produced by Pharrell and Nez & Rio’s  “Man of the Year”, each song provides a new soundstage for the 27 year-old artist to vent about past experiences and express future desires.

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