Traveling Pants of the Yaya Sisterhood

In a world of backstabbing, finding out your friends aren’t really your friends through subliminal bullshit on social media, heartache, competition, jealousy and disappointment, there is nothing more refreshing than having some sister girls in your life that can uplift you when you’re down, not judge you, support your goals and help you conquer your fears.

As women we tend to keep things to ourselves and away from our “friends” because we don’t want to be judged.  But do you know how unhealthy that is? Perhaps in the past you trusted some girlfriends with personal information and they let you down by telling someone else or even worse throwing it in your face during an argument. OUCH. So you feel as if you can’t trust women, you can’t trust your friends and you have to keep your life private or only reveal certain information.

Maybe you have some goals that sound foolish when you say it out loud. A friend in the past shot your idea down, didn’t support you and it deferred your dreams, made you feel hopeless and made you crawl into a shell, not wanting to share your passions with anyone else.  In the midst of all that, you’re heart gets broken, that guy did you dirty, you can’t even tell your friends because “they told you so.”

These are not healthy friendships…..

The older women get, the less tolerance we have for drama, bullshit, petty confrontation and temper tantrum from friends looking for attention. Life’s experiences should allow us all to grow and learn from our mistakes so that we can become better women so that we may be better friends, sisters, lovers, daughters, mothers… and not to say that adult women are above drama, but our drama as 30+ year old women should be quite different and not as stressful as it once was as 20 year olds.  At a certain age, one of your goals in life should be to seek, keep, build and cherish positive relationships with like-minded people.

Friends aren’t necessarily women that you’ve known since you were 5. Throughout your career and travels you may encounter the energy of someone equally great or someone greater than yourself to even you out and vice versa. Embrace her! Great women are attracted to great women! Don’t be the kind of woman to say “I’m too old for new friends.” Friends are the gift of life! And even if that friendship doesn’t last, love it for what it was and what it brought into your life at that time. No one says you have to hold on to something that’s not working but it’s definitely a great experience and no harm in meeting someone new and possibly learning something beneficial to you! There are women you know and women that help you grow.

Girlfriends make the world go round. Whether they live next door, or on an opposite coast or in today’s world women you never met but they live in your inbox… Positive vibes, good energy, awesome advice and encouraging words should always be welcomed from women who are on the same level as you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For those of you singing “no new friends” you have no idea the world that awaits you when you seek out people that you can learn from, people that come from a different time and place, people that you can learn new things and visit new places because of!

The combination of women all in search of the same inner peace, happiness and trust, can only lead to great relationships, drunken road trips and the best memories that girlfriends can share.  You need other women in your life to grow, learn, share, express, cry and motivate you and if the women around you aren’t doing that then perhaps you should consider reevaluating yourself and them as well!

Welcome greatness into your life by way of awesome strangers who provide great energy that you can’t help but to be sucked in by!  I assure you that it will ultimately lead to some of the best friends you have ever encountered.  Some of my greatest friends are women I met along my travels, on line and in the most random places! I wasn’t looking for friends but when you’re a good woman, good women are attracted to you and great friendships are forged. I meet women wherever I go, I talk, I laugh, I live, I love and whoever is not for me,  will not be of me, and therefore will not be around me…. and I don’t make the call… the moon above does…. meaning;

All you have to do is provide the positive thoughts, words and energy and the Universe will supply the rest.

What you’re giving is exactly what your getting….