Your Life Is Over Youngin…Teenage Girl Caught Trafficking

Ayesha Olivia Niles a Jamaican British teenager is facing a minimum of 15 years in prison after getting caught smuggling 30lb’s of cocaine into America.  Niles was picked out by customs officers at Miami Airport in Florida. Just her luck.

Official Agents found the packs of cocaine stuffed into 24 boxes of cake mix. SMH! She thought she would get away with that…AMATEUR! Niles, who turned 18 while being held in a juvenile detention center, flew in from Jamaica to Miami Airport. Drug-traffickers can get sentenced to life in jail in the state of Florida, with a minimum of 15 years.

Niles, who resides and is also a student from London, told police she did not know what she was carrying but suspected it was an illegal substance. Police said that Niles was randomly picked for screening by customs agents. As they searched her two suitcases they found the class A drug (Cocaine) hidden in the boxes of cake mix. It is not known if Niles was planning to continue with the drugs back to London or drop them off in Miami.